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Road Frames

BMC Trackmachine 01 FRS
$3,824.00 $4,499.00 15% Off
The Trackmachine 01 FRS is the highly refined, stunningly engineered core of your ultimate track bike. With a rich heritage on the boards, its efficiency and adjustability continue to impress, and it's a bike that can quickly and easily be adapted for numerous track disciplines. Built from Premium Carbon and invested with our Vmax Aero Design technology, it features a Hinge Design fork, sliding rear dropouts, a threaded bottom bracket shell, plus an adjustable Aero Seatpost and integrated stem.
BMC Roadmachine 01 MOD P2P
$4,334.00 $5,099.00 15% Off
The extraordinarily capable Roadmachine 01 combines relentless speed with indulgent comfort, so you can go further, faster. Its Premium Carbon frame and fork were designed using TCC Endurance technology, and feature ICS technology, Stealth Cable Routing and a Premium Carbon D-Shape seatpost. The module also comes with P2P cockpit options, providing the ultimate platform for your totally customizable and optimally fitted endurance bike.
BMC Timemachine Road 01 MOD
$4,334.00 $5,099.00 15% Off
Aerodynamics always matter, and optimising aerodynamics by integrating components unlocks free speed. Add ruthless efficiency, precise handling and refined comfort, and you have the Timemachine Road 01. At its core, the TCC Speed, Premium Carbon frame and fork incorporate the Aero Module, front brake Aero Cover, and Stealth Cable Routing. Our Premium Carbon Aero seatpost's offset is adjustable from 0-30mm, and the ICS Aero bar and stem are specifically shaped to minimise drag.
BMC Teammachine SLR01 MOD P2P
$4,674.00 $5,499.00 15% Off
The original Teammachine SLR01 created the blueprint for the modern road bike. After more than a decade of obsessive innovation and development, today's world-beating Teammachine SLR01 still leads where others follow. This TCC Race-engineered Premium Carbon frame includes the Aerocore Design system, ICS technology and Stealth Cable Routing, with P2P adjustability granting you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to maximising your riding position while building your dream Teammachine SLR 01.
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