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About Us


We do not sell bicycles and accessories. We sell health, happiness, a green solution to commuting, and a ticket to become part of the cycling community.


A bicycle has the power to change a life for the better. So we strive to share the cycling lifestyle with everyone in the communities we serve.




Our vision is to set a new standard for bicycle shops, accepting nothing less than excellence. Even when we think we are a great shop, we can improve. We will constantly develop better systems and provide services that go beyond what customers expect.




Extraordinary Customer Service

  • We will treat our customers and vendors the way we would treat ourselves and our loved ones.
  • We will listen to our customers and use their input to evolve as a company, providing the services and value they desire.
  • We will build customer relationships that create bonds of trust, loyalty and happiness.


Personal Health And Mental Growth

  • We will live healthy lifestyles free of drugs and bad habits.
  • We believe there is a body-mind connection that can never stop seeking betterment and improvement.
  • We will constantly work on our own self-development. This will allow us to positively impact our surroundings and everyone with whom we come in contact.


Creativity And An Open Mind

  • Change happens quickly and constantly. In order to evolve, we must think outside the box.
  • We will use our imagination to find ways that make our shop and our journey together more fun, exciting and enjoyable.
  • Yes, we will make mistakes – and we will learn from them. This means we are taking risks and daring to become different in order to pursue our vision.
  • Safe ideas are the enemy of great ideas. Great ideas have helped shape the greatest companies in history.


A Focus On Results And Efficiency

  • We will never settle for “good enough”, as this does not align with our vision.
  • We will seek to do more with less.
  • We will operate with a sense of urgency, placing high priority on the completion of every project and task.
  • We will be casual in our interactions, but purposeful in the projection of our ideas.



  • Without passion, our goals are more distant, and we can get sidetrack easily.
  • We inspire one another because passion is contagious and motivates others to focus on larger goals.
  • Should we face a downfall, our passion will allow us to stand up and keep pressing forward.