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Bike Fitting


Ride Efficiently and Painlessly

With Retul's 3-dimensional motion capture technology, we can dial in your bike fit to sub-millimeter tolerances. This system allows us to quantify gains in performance by monitoring power, heart rate, cadence and body angles. Retul makes our bike fitting process faster and more precise so you can be riding at your best, sooner. For more info, check out more from Retul.

Improve Your Biking Experience

One of the least expensive ways to improve your biking experience is to get the proper position on the bike. Too much attention has been put into upgrading the bike to make it faster and lighter and some riders are still feeling that they are not getting the performance they need.  Sometimes a small investment into a comprehensive Fit Analysis is all that is needed to achieve a large gain in performance and comfort. 

Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop is proud to be the expert in bike fitting throughout South Florida. As a matter of fact, we are the only Retul Bike Fitting Studio serving Broward and Dade County. Whether you are purchasing a new bike or getting dialed into an existing one, you can be assure that you will leave the shop enjoying the bike at its fullest.  Remember, cycling is a sport of repetition and irritating a muscle over and over may lead to injury. Find out why customers rate us the best bike fitting service serving Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Hollywood.

Fitting tools available:

  • Retul = 3-D Dynamic Fit analysis (Read More)
  • The Original complete Fit Kit with RAD Cleat positioning Tool (Read More)
  • Keo Cleat Adjustment Tool (Read More)
  • Salsa Stem Size-o-matic (Read More)

Call us to setup an appointment. Let’s start riding efficiently and painlessly!